Dustin Rhodes Calls Double Or Nothing A Career Highlight, Says ‘Vince Better Watch His Ass’

Dustin Rhodes took part in a media scrum interview following his match against Cody at AEW’s Double Or Nothing event.

Dustin talked about the emotions leading into and during the show, saying this was a career highlight for him, and AEW’s success should have Vince McMahon worried:

“I’m tired, I’m glad it’s over. Emotions are running like crazy. I cried a lot tonight. Cody cried, I saw a few people in the front row and everywhere crying, so it’s a special moment because I had no idea what he was doing when he rolled back in the ring. I was like ‘Oh God, again? Not again, please. I’m dead. You killed the Attitude Era.’ He wanted me to be his partner and nothing we did could have messed up anything. It was electric for me. This was, without a doubt, the most incredible night of my life in my 31 years [in wrestling]. It really was.”

“When they started chanting ‘Dusty’ the first time, I knew there was nothing—we could have messed up a thousand things—that we could do no wrong. It was a storied moment and I think we told the best story that we possibly could, or I did. I know I did. I hope it was good for the people, I hope it was good for Cody, I definitely think it was good for AEW. I’m excited about them and what they are doing, because they are fixing to take over the world and Vince better watch his ass.”

Dustin had not been in the ring for almost eight months since having double knee surgery, and he said we wasn’t sure how the fans would react to him.

“About eight months I was home because of the double knee surgeries and I was feeling good. I trained really hard for it, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from this crowd. I’ve only seen it online and how loud and crazy they are for a show like ‘All In’ was amazing. They were just there for the whole show, and I was like ‘how are they going to take to Dustin? I don’t know.’

So that was a big question standing outside on the ramp and listening to our video package, and they were popping at certain things. I’m like ‘cool’ and they pop at Cody and I think ‘well, I’ve got my work cut out for me.’ Then they started coming with me and it felt really, really good. Like I said, it was the greatest moment in my career.”

If July’s Fight For The Fallen event is his last match, Dustin was asked what he wants his legacy to be. Dustin said tonight was his legacy, and hopes it was good enough for the fans as it was for him:

“Tonight. Tonight. That’s all I can say about that, man. I cannot top tonight. I put everything into it, and I hope it was good enough, but it was good enough for me.”

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