Bret Hart Discusses Fan Attack At Hall Of Fame Ceremony

bret hart

Photo by Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Bret Hart was present at Starrcast this weekend and during his appearance he talked about getting attacked by a fan at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Bret says he felt bad that it happened but he refused to let it get to his head. “I felt bad that happened. When I think about it now, it’s like you get that stubbornness. I was determined to finish my speech, dammit. I came here for a reason, I wanted to speak about Jim “The Anvil,” I worked hard on my speech. I worked for about two weeks on it, sort of tweaking it.”

Bret revealed that some wanted him to end his speech and allow the show to continue with the next nomination. “When this guy interrupted it and tried to ruin it, I thought they were trying to clear everybody out of the ring. I was like, ‘No, I’m not done yet. I didn’t even get warmed up yet.’ I feel bad for what happened to him. It wasn’t such a bad day for me, it was more of a bad day for him.”

Hart also went on to talk about other superstars giving hall of fame speeches and expressed disappointment that many only thank executives such as Stephanie and Vince. He feels that everyone should be thanking those that trained them and actually worked with them in the ring. “I think it is bull****. They should thank the wrestlers that made them and the wrestlers that worked with them.”

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