Cody Destroys A Throne, Defeats Dustin Rhodes In Bloody Family Feud

Although it wasn’t the main event of AEW’s Double or Nothing, the match between Cody Rhodes and his brother Dustin Rhodes was one of the matches that fans were the most excited about. Thankfully for the fans, both brothers put on an incredible show, with the match displaying both the skills and ferocity of both competitors.

Things got off to a crazy start from the beginning, with Cody taking multiple shots at the WWE by taking a sledgehammer to a throne that looked very similar to the one that Triple H normally sits upon. Once the match got under way, both brothers quickly made sure to make it a memorable moment, as both superstars went back and forth with constant huge blows to each other.

Shortly into the match, Dustin was opened up, with a cut above his eyebrow quickly developing into a full blown cut, and blood gushing out from the mark. Pretty soon, both wrestlers, the referee, and the entire ring was covered in blood as the two went at it. Towards the end, Cody was able to get the upper hand on Dustin, landing a devastating Cross Rhodes on Dustin for the victory.

After the match, Cody took to the microphone to ask Dustin to be his tag team match for AEW’s upcoming Fight for the Fallen event. “You don’t get to retire here. Because I got to ask you a favor. Before AEW was a thing, before we filled this place up … I put my name on a piece of paper for Fight For The Fallen. It was for myself and a partner of my choosing against the best tag team in the world, The Young Bucks. But Dustin, I don’t need a partner. I don’t need a friend. I need my older brother.”

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