Arn Anderson On Excitement For All Elite Wrestling: ‘They’ve Got A Chance To Do Something Special’

The media got to speak with Arn Anderson after his ‘Arn’ panel at Starrcast, and the wrestling legend talked about being excited for All Elite Wrestling. Anderson said there hasn’t been competition like this in some time, and there’s a good foundation in the company to do great things:

“Anyone that’s not excited for AEW is a fool. I haven’t seen this kind of buzz about the wrestling business in a long, long time, since the Monday Night Wars I guess. Those guys are starting something that’s going to be a fresh, new concept. I personally have been in the business for 37 years, and I’m excited about anything new. Their leadership—Cody Rhodes has the right idea, the Young Bucks are go-getters, they are going to catch your attention. Kenny Omega, I’ve watched a few matches of his and he’s balls to the wall. I think they have a foundation with Jericho being the veteran that he is, all of this talent that they’ve hand picked—they’ve got a chance to do something special. Personally I hope they do. Competition is best for everybody.”

When asked if he’d be involved, Arn said not right away. He said he wants to take some time for himself and his family now, but he’d be honored to be considered down the line if and when he’s ready to do so:

“I haven’t talked to those guys about that. Like I said, I’ve been on the road for 37 years straight, it’s got to be a record. I just want to take the summer, and my son’s going to be graduating college in the Fall, I just want to relax, spend some time with my family and do some appearances. As far as going back to work, I haven’t really discussed it with them. Maybe down the road. I’d be honored to be considered, but nothing right away.”

The full interview is below: