XFL Going After Equipment From Defunct AAF Football League

Vince McMahon’s revived XFL has already seen the death of one of its competitors before ever hosting a single game. AAF, a league formed under similar circumstances that hosted a season last year, has already gone under. The league lasted two months in total due to some questionable management, but all that is music to the XFL’s ears.

According to a report by the San Antonio Express, Vince’s football league is looking to purchase assets from AAF warehouses. This includes helmets, shoulder pads, meta lockets, shields, tackling dummies and rolls of athletic tape.

When asked about the sale, bankruptcy trustee Randolph Osherow stated that those involved always hope for better offers, but admit that the market is limited. “This is all professional football gear. So it’s probably only going to be sold to someone in the professional football business.”

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