Matt Riddle On His NXT Gimmick: ‘I’ve Always Been a Bro’

In an interview with the Miami Herald promoting an upcoming NXT live event, Matt Riddle talks about the genesis of his wrestling persona. “The entrance music happened because the Bro became what it is,” he said, “and the Bro became what it is over time. I’ve always been a Bro, and I’ve used the word ‘Bro’ a lot.”

When Matt Riddle talked to William Regal at an Evolve event before his WWE tenure began, he called the English legend “Bro.” This lead to some being shocked, and that carried over into his NXT days. While he originally got a less than warm reception from some number of NXT fans, Riddle feels that he’s winning them over.

At first I was not necessarily liked, and people were saying Bro mean to me, but now as you can see a lot of people like me, and they say it as a term of endearment. It’s a nice, lighthearted Bro. It’s the evolution of Bro, and I think it’s just the beginning still.

While Riddle does admit that he misses MMA, he states that Wrestling give him a better schedule. “In wrestling, sports entertainment, I get to fight in front of people; I get to wrestle in front of people; I get to entertain people sometimes four times a week — all around the country, all around the world.”

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