Tony Khan Speaks to ITV About AEW: ‘The More Wrestling People Watch, The Better’

In an interview with Jack Whitehall for ITV, AEW President Tony Khan laid out the case for AEW as a wrestling promotion to the UK audience. Khan and his business associates were heavily hinting that ITV would be broadcasting AEW’s weekly show this fall, a fact that was confirmed earlier this week.

In the interview, Tony talks about attending All In last year and being convinced that a company like AEW could work. He doesn’t see AEW as a competitor for WWE, but he rather thinks that “the more wrestling people watch, the better.” Tony also states that AEW is an inclusive group, specifically pointing out that fans are welcome to wear shirts from competing promotions to their shows.

When talking about partnering with ITV, Tony Khan went into why they were the best fit for AEW:

They were the first partner we could have chosen. The people at ITV are phenomenal. When I first went to them with this idea, I didn’t actually have anything yet, all I had was an idea. I went to them, I didn’t have wrestlers or even the name of a wrestling company. They liked my idea, and I had a concept that they wanted to keep talking about.

You can see the full interview in the video embedded below:

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