Bruce Prichard Recalls The Backstage Lead-Up to Sensational Sherri Slapping Ms. Elizabeth

In bonus footage from Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring, Bruce Prichard recounts the events surrounding an edition of The Brother Love Show in which Sensational Sherri slaps Miss Elizabeth. After Vince came up with the idea for the angle, Macho Man caught wind and was not happy about it.

I see Randy coming out of the corner and he’s like “Let’s go, you and me need to talk. Nobody’s touching Liz. Randy has worked himself into a froth and Vince is like “You need to calm down pal.”

Bruce then proceeds to talk about Macho’s initial reaction causing Sherri to second guess the segment, leading to a weak initial slap. Bruce depicts all of this with spot-on impersonations that can only come from working with the talent involved for so many years.

You can see the full clip and hear Bruce’s character work in the clip below:

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