Update On Who Knew About Brock Lesnar’s Surprise Money In The Bank Win

Thanks to the good folks at The Wrestling Observer, we know just a little bit more about who knew what in the closing moments of Money in the Bank this past Sunday. While some in the company were aware that Brock Lesnar was backstage to be part of the show, the vast majority had no idea. People who needed to know the match result were told that Ali was winning the briefcase, which itself was a change from earlier in the week when Drew McIntyre was set to take it all.

The wrestlers in the match all knew that Ali wouldn’t win and that an eighth man would run out to topple Ali’s ladder. Wrestlers assumed that it would be Strowman coming in, which made sense considering the storyline with Sami Zayn that has been playing out on RAW. Only Ali himself knew that Brock was the surprise entrant, a fact that he learned just before the match. Ali was told to keep this quiet until the big reveal.

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