Further Details On The XFL’s Summer Showcase Workouts: Players Invited, League Exclusivity & More

The XFL will be finally taking their show on the road as each team will host “showcase workouts” for their teams in the league’s respective cities.

According to a Pro Football Talk article, each city will host around 100 players from the NFL, AAF & CFL as well as some college players who will be eligible to sign with a team after their season with NCAA ends.  Quotes from XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck about the workouts and plans for the league are below:

Oliver Luck on the summer showcase workouts:

“We’re targeting about 100 players per showcase,” Luck said. “We think about 90, maybe even 95 of those are going to be guys with prior experience, and the remainder, a relatively small group, would be current college football players. . . . A college kid could come to our showcase, get all the testing, and not in any way put his eligibility in jeopardy.”

Luck on making XFL players exclusive to the league:

“If a guy signs with us and then three weeks later, prior to our draft, has an opportunity to go to an NFL team, we’ll say, Take the opportunity,” Luck said. “After the draft, we’ll expect those players to stay. If they think they have an opportunity in the NFL they have to do that before the draft.”

On what the XFL will focus on in regards to talent:

“No. 54 on down is going to be the heart of our draft,” Luck said. “I do think there are guys who have been in NFL camps, maybe are unlucky, maybe got hurt, maybe went to the wrong system, maybe they just were playing behind a couple All-Pro guys.”

“We’re going to focus on the best players we believe are suitable for the kind of league we want to play, which is up-tempo, fast-paced,” he said. “I’m not sure we’re going to sign guys just because they have a big name. . . . We are not having any sort of geographical allocation.”

Interested collegiate players can apply for the league here.

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