Val Venis Talks Training Robert Roode, Reveals They Met While Bouncing

Val Venis recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss a multitude of things, including his training with Robert Roode. When asked about his history with Roode, including the rumors that Venis was the one who got Roode a WWE tryout, Venis explained how he came to know the new superstar.

“I used to work at a bar in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada called the Purple Rooster, and I was a doorman there, and Bobby Roode was also doorman there, that’s how I know Bobby, we’d work together quite a bit,” he said. “When left Canada and started wrestling full time, and went to England and Arkansas and Puerto Rico, so I was gone a lot of years. When my tag partner in Puerto Rico and I decided to take a summer off and come back to Canada and get our feet wet in promoting…one of the things we needed was security.”

Venis goes on to describe how he convinced Roode and a handful of other doormen to become the head of their security team for Venis’ wrestling show. After the event, Roode approached Venis and asked him to teach Roode how to wrestle. According to Venis, he set a ring up inside his dad’s house to train the young superstar. “So, Bobby came up to my dad’s house, and I started training him in the ring there, and he picked it up super fast,” he said. “Super fast, he picked the basics up. Probably one of the fastest guys to pick up the basics of professional wrestling that I’ve come across.”

Venis goes on to talk about how he went back to Puerto Rico, and how Roode continued on his training. Venis closed out the interview by discussing the massive skill that Roode has, and hopes that he becomes a huge star during his time in the WWE.

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