WWE NXT Live Results (5/22/19)

In Ring Segment: Velveteen Dream

Dream says that he is in high demand. Dream says he is too big to hold. Tyler Breeze interrupts! Breeze declares that Prince Pretty is home. Breeze says since he left NXT it’s been a bit dull here. Breeze says there are knockoffs of Prince Pretty. Breeze appreciates Dreams admiration. but there can only be one Prince Pretty. Dream says the NXT Universe wants a real man and not a boy. Especially one who plays cops and robbers. Just because Breeze couldn’t cut it on Monday or Tuesday night, that doesn’t mean Breeze can come to NXT and demand a spotlight. Breeze says he wants the title. Dream tells Breeze the line starts backstage. Dream doesn’t want to leave a bad taste in Breeze’s mouth, Dream will take a selfie with Breeze. Breeze agrees. Breeze gets close to Dream for the photo. Breeze says he has a piece of advice for Dream. When you write your phone number on your trunks and no one calls, that means no one is interested. Breeze decks Dream and leaves the ring.

Candice LeRae vs. Reina González 

González pushes LeRae. LeRae tries a roll up but González stomps LeRae. González stomps LeRae in the corner. Spinning powerslam by González. LeRae kicks out. LeRae fires up and hits a missile dropkick. LeRae lands her lionsault for the win.

Winner- Candice LeRae

After the match, the Horsewomen hit the ring and attacks LeRae. Io Shirai hits the ring with a kendo stick. Io takes out Duke and Shafir. Io corners Baszler. Io unloads on Baszler with the kendo stick. Baszler escapes under the bottom rope.

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