Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman on Page vs PAC, Brock’s Surprise at Money in the Bank

On the latest episode of X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman covers the creative differences that caused Hangman’s Page match against PAC to be canceled for this Saturday’s Double or Nothing. “That’s the potential problem with people not being exclusive. It shouldn’t be an issue. But okay I can understand Dragon Gate going ‘We don’t want you losing on everyone’s streaming service or TV show or pay-per-view, if you’re our champion’”

X-Pac mentions that promotions in Japan have been especially protective in the past, and he sees this problem arising again with other performers.

Here’s the thing about booking a match, when you’re booking a match, when you’re booking a pay-per-view or TV match, well mainly a pay-per-view match, even long term, you don’t book the match without having the finish already. You don’t go like ‘Okay, this sounds like a great match on paper, lets book it’ and then throw it out there and not have already decided okay well ‘who’s going over?’ and ‘are both parties down for that’ and getting that all out of the way. That’s how it works when it’s done right.

Here are some other highlights from the podcast, with transcripts provided by X-Pac 12360

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman on Bayley Winning The Smackdown Women’s Championship

It caught me off guard, and that’s the thing, that’s good. When you catch me off guard, that’s a great thing. Because if you caught me off guard I am pretty sure you caught everyone off guard. Those are the types of things that make wrestling great, like when you get those ‘holy shit, oh fuck.’ {chants} I was happy for Bayley because there’s been some struggles concerning how she’s been used… and {it was} well deserved.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Comments On Whether or Not The Talent In The Men’s Money In The Bank Match Knew Brock Lesnar Finish

I would not blame anyone in that match for being pissed off. That they had no idea {regarding the finish}- if that’s true {the rumor}. You put this match together and you’re out there risking your neck, you’re doing all this shit, you got this finish you think is {gonna happen.}Trust me when you’re a wrestler and you do this, when you’re a Pro Wrestler and you’re in a match, this is like your canvas that you are painting your masterpiece on. You’re trying for a masterpiece every time you go out there. You’re trying for a Mona Lisa… and you’re just about finished and all of a sudden you have no idea and this guy comes out and just paints a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

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