Chris Jericho Confirms AEW on ITV via Latest Talk is Jericho

On the latest edition of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho goes in depth about how AEW is coming together days before its first show, Double or Nothing. It’s a great recap for anyone looking to know about the company, but Jericho dropped a confirmation for fans who have been following every word the company has put out.

According to the latest episode, AEW is indeed coming to ITV in the UK this fall alongside its TNT airings. Strangely, as far as we can tell, the confirmation doesn’t come via the show itself, but rather the episode’s description.

AEW’s inaugural event, “Double Or Nothing” is this Saturday in Las Vegas! Chris breaks down the card and the events leading up to this historic show, and shares what it means for his career, the WWE, and the wrestling industry as a whole. He explains the origins and development of his new finishing move, The Judas Effect (and what Dave Bautista has to do with it), and what fans can expect as AEW grows and makes it way to TV via TNT and ITV this Fall!  He also has a very pointed and personal message for Kenny Omega.

This was heavily hinted at in the latest episode of Being the Elite, with Cody knowingly avoiding a question about ITV.

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