Best of Super Juniors: Night 7 Results (5/22)

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1ST MATCH: Taiji Ishimori (6 pts) vs. TAKA Michinoku (0 pts)

They lock up. They trade holds. TAKA takes Ishimori to the canvas and locks in a Crossface. Ishimori gets to the ropes.

TAKA takes Ishimori down again and locks in a headscissors. Ishimori fights to the ropes.

TAKA hits a snapmare. TAKA hits a running knee strike. TAKA covers for two. TAKA transitions into a headscissors and wristlock. Ishimori gets to the ropes

TAKA stomps and kicks at Ishimori. TAKA corners Ishimori. Ishimori evades. TAKA dodges a springboard attack. TAKA hits a springboard wheel kick. TAKA covers for two. TAKA locks in the crossface. TAKA transitions to a crossarm crossface. TAKA transitions to a headscissors and toehold. Ishimori fights back.

TAKA dodges Bloody Cross. They trade strikes. TAKA hits a superkick. TAKA covers for two. Ishimori dodges a Michinoku Driver. Ishimori hits Bloody Cross for the pinfall in 4:56.

WINNER: Taiji Ishimori (8 pts)

2ND MATCH: Bandido (2 pts) vs. Ren Narita (0 pts)

Bandido shows off his Lucha prowess to start. Narita hits a dropkick. Bandido hits a dropkick. Bandido hits a Lift Up Slam. Bandido covers for two.

Bandido hits a back elbow. Bandido hits a sliding shotgun kick. Bandido covers for two. Bandido pummels Narita. Narita hits a bodyslam. Narita hits a corner back elbow. Bandido fights back.

Bandido counters a front suplex. Bandido hits a springboard kick. Bandido blocks a deadlift front suplex. Bandido takes Narita to the apron. Narita sends Bandido to the floor. Bandido counters a Plancha with a powerbomb on the apron. Both men get back in the ring.

Bandido hits a flurry of strikes. Narita counters a standing shooting star press with a series of rollups. Bandido hits a lariat. Bandido covers for two. Bandido hits an Argentine Go To Sleep. Bandido hits 21-Plex for the pinfall in 6:19.

WINNER: Bandido (4 pts)