Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre Attack Roman Reigns After Match With Elias

After defeating Elias during last weekends Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns and the man he took down once again jumped into a ring for a match to close out tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live. With Shane McMahon watching from the side and occasionally causing some mischief, Elias and Reigns went at it just as they did at Money in the Bank, with neither competitor wasting time in trying to take the other down.

After avoiding the many distractions that McMahon attempted to throw into the match, Reigns was able to take down Elias. Unfortunately for him, though, McMahon would not be denied, as he stepped into the ring with Elias’ guitar and tried taking down Reigns. Although Reigns was able to take down McMahon on his own, Drew McIntyre surprised the crowd by coming in and helping McMahon take down Reigns, no doubt extending the feud between Shane and Reigns.

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