Waffle House Teases WWE Over 24/7 Belt, Val Venis On How He Lost 50 Pounds

Waffle House Teases WWE Over 24/7 Belt

After the WWE announced its 24/7 Championship last night, Waffle House took to Twitter to poke fun at the belt. Sharing an image of Mick Foley holding up the championship belt, the company joked about how they were missing their own 24/7 sign. It’s a clever way for the company to remind folks that its open all the time, and judging by the response it got online, it was a good move from the Waffle House.

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Val Venis On How He Lost 50 Pounds

Those who remember Val Vends might not recognize the superstar nowadays, as he’s done a great job of slimming himself down from his wrestling days. Making an appearance on The Hannibal TV, Venis discussed his massive weight gain, and what his motivations were for slimming down, including being able to run a marathon before the age of 50.