Mickie James Says She’s Coming For R-Truth’s Title, Drake Maverick Resorts To ‘Old School’ Way Of Finding The 24/7 Champ

New 24/7 Champion R-Truth says he’s taking his title to SmackDown, and he already has a number of challengers waiting in the wings.

Mickie James posted the following rhyme for Truth, saying she’s taking his title, but he can keep the song for a future remix if he wants:

Truthie!!! 1… 2… #TheMilf is coming for you… 3… 4… yo a$$ is gonna be sore… 5… 6… gonna kick you in the…. stick… 7… 8… ain’t I great… 9… 10 Imma be a champ again! #247milf ps… you can keep that lil ditty in your back pocket for a remix if ya like

Meanwhile, 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick took a more “old school” approach in tracking down the current champ:

R-Truth won the 24/7 Championship on WWE RAW last night, tricking then-champion Bobby Roode into a match in the parking lot. Truth is actually the third champion so far, with Titus O’Neil being declared the inaugural champion, and Bobby Robert Roode beating him moments later.

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