Being The Elite Invades Warner Upfronts Before Double or Nothing

The latest edition of Being The Elite is the “go home show” before AEW’s first official show, Double or Nothing.

Things start out with Matt and Nick Jackson offering a contract to longtime Being the Elite producer Brandon Cutler. Not only will he be officially continuing his producing duties in AEW proper, but he’ll also be wrestling for the company, starting with the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing.

The pair then talk to Jungle Boy in an alley about his participation in the battle royale. After handing Jungle Boy a card, they kneel down to reveal Luchasauras holding him on his shoulders. He is also booked for the match and gets to pick a card.

After advertising The Buy In pre-show airing on their YouTube channel, MJF stalks Dustin Rhodes outside of a gym at night. He gets out of his car and starts to attack Dustin with the Master Sword for The Legend of Zelda. Dustin anticipates the attack and recognizes the sword, telling him that the “Zelda competition” is down the street.

Cody and The Young Bucks talk from an airport on their way to the WarnerMedia Upfronts and the announcement that AEW will air a weekly wrestling show on TNT. They comment on the TNT tweet and express their excitement that AEW will fill the slot once held by WCW.

Hangman Page opens a package at home, getting a VHS tape. The video is a message from Cody talking about his wife Brandi appearing in this month’s Muscle and Fitness magazine. Cody then inspires Hangman Paige to go attack PAC, and we see Page driving to a Wrestle Gate Pro show in the UK. Page accepts PAC’s challenge and the two square up. As already announced, the pair’s match at Double or Nothing has been canceled due to creative differences, but the Wrestle Gate Pro encounter will hit All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel tomorrow at noon Eastern.

You can see the full episode embedded below:

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