Bayley Wins Women’s Money in The Bank Match

To kick off Money In The Bank 2019, eight women competed in a ladder match to earn a future Women’s Championship match. Natalya, Bayley, Naomi, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, Carmella and Nikki Cross all hoped to retrieve the briefcase. During the match, Carmella was helped to the back by the medical staff. She returned to the match but Sonya Deville prevented her from winning. Bayley ultimately emerged victorious after she stopped Deville from giving Rose the win.

A huge brawl breaks out. Cross has Brooke and Carmella ties up in the apron. Cross beats them both down. Cross picks up a ladder and hits everyone with it. Cross puts the ladder on her head and spins around, striking everyone. Brooke dropkicks the ladder into Cross. Moon and Brooke fight over the ladder. Moon forces Brooke into the corner. Moon slams Cross on the ladder. Rose runs up the ladder and knees Brooke in the face. Carmella pushes Mandy off the top rope. Natalya clotheslines Carmella. Natalya slingshots Carmella into the ladder. Natalya tries to do the same to Naomi, but Naomi lands on the ladder and hits a disaster kick. Rose reverse suplexes, Naomi. Brooke tries to climb the ladder as Moon and others are holding it. Brooke is tossed off. Rose kicks the ladder into Carmella’s knee. Carmella may actually be hurt. Naomi walks the ladders and dropkicks Rose into a ladder. The other women try to sandwich Naomi but Naomi does a split to avoid it. Carmella walks to the back with the medical staff. Brooke lays Moon on a ladder. Brooke hits a handspring back elbow. Bayley sunset bombs Brooke into a ladder.

Bayley sets up the ladder but Rose cuts her off. Rose and Natalya close the ladder on Bayley. Namoi split legged moonsaults Bayley while she is on the ladder. Cross hits her finisher on Moon. Brooke hits Cross in the head with a ladder. Brooke climbs the ladder. Rose cuts her off. Brooke hangs from the briefcase. Rose and Brooke trade punches. Naomi and Bayley cut her off. Cross runs up Bayley’s back. Natalya pushes everyone off the ladder. Natalya turns around and Moon leaps from a ladder outside the ring into the ring and hits the Eclipse on Natalya. Rose hits Angel’s Wings on the ladder to Moon. Carmella limps down to the ring. Carmella tosses Rose into the barricade. Carmella starts to climb. Sonya Deville runs down to the ring and pulls Carmella off the ladder. Deville spears Carmella. Deville sets up the ladder and helps Rose into the ring. Deville carries Rose up the ladder. Bayley knocks them both off the ladder. Bayley pulls down the briefcase for the win!

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