WWE Money In The Bank Results (5/19/19)

Backstage, Triple H tells Sami Zayn that Braun Strowman is banned from the building.

United States Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Joe lands a few leg kicks. Mysterio takes Joe over with a ranna. Seated senton by Mysterio. Mysterio lays in a few elbows. Joe does the same. Joe lands a thunderous chop by Joe. Joe’s nose is bleeding badly. Mysterio takes Joe over in another ranna into a roll up for the win!

Winner and NEW United States Champion, Rey Mysterio!

After the match Joe attacks Mysterio. Joe destroys Mysterio with two nasty uranage suplexes as Mysterio’s son Dominick watches. Joe sentons Mysterio and eyeballs, Dominick, the whole time. Replay shows that Joe’s shoulder was up during the pin.

Braun Strowman is seen backstage. Strowman is screaming for Zayn.

Steel Cage Match: The Miz vs. Shane McMahon

Shane keeps trying to climb out of the cage, Miz cuts Shane off. Miz kicks Shane in the corner. Miz Shane reverses a kick from Miz into a powerbomb into the cage. Shane mushes Miz’s face into the cage. Miz tries to go Coast to Coast but Miz catches Shane’s legs. Miz puts Shane in the Figure Four! Shane almost crawls out of the cage but Miz pulls him back. Both Shane and Miz runs to a chair in the ring. Miz gets to it first. Miz hits Shane with the chair over and over again. Miz slams the cage door on Shane’s face. Miz beats Shane all over the ring with the chair. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on a chair. Shane gets his foot on the rope and for some reason, the referee stops the count. There is no disqualification so that shouldn’t have mattered.

Miz tries to hit his finish off the top but Shane fights Miz off. They both fall off the top rope. Shane climbs up the cage. Miz hits Shane in the leg with a chair. Miz gets to the top. Miz and Shane trade punches on the top of the cage. Miz arm drags Shane off the top of the cage. Miz hits a splash off the top rope. Shane kicks out. Miz gets caught in a triangle by Shane. Miz turns it into a pin. Shane lets go. Shane almost gets out the door. Miz stops him again. Miz slingshots Shane into the cage. Shane catches the cage and climbs. Miz grabs Shane and tries to superplex him. Shane slips out of his shirt and drops to the floor for the win!

Winner- Shane McMahon

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