Ricochet Replaces Bray Wyatt at Puerto Rico Comic Con

Update: It would appear that Wyatt’s absence is due to his son, Knash Sixx Rotunda, being born. Wyatt and JoJo Offerman shared the news yesterday on social media.


WWE fans visiting Puerto Rico Comic Con yesterday were expecting an encounter with the proprietor of the Firefly Fun House. As reported by a local outlet, instead of Bray Wyatt, fans were treated to an encounter with new WWE RAW star Riccochet. Fans were reportedly disappointed at first, but few complained about the switch.

Bray hasn’t made many appearances in-person since being taken off TV following the disillusion of The Deleters of Worlds last year. This would have been a rare sighting since his new Firefly Fun House gimmick started up, but considering the character work being put into those segments, it’s probably for the best that Wyatt didn’t appear.

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