Tony Kahn Talks AEW’s Beginnings: ‘Everything is Going Pretty Much According to Our Plan’

In a detailed interview with Bleacher Report, Tony Kahn talks about the origins of AEW and the reaction behind the founding of this fledgling promotion. “It’s maybe a bit bigger than I expected, to be honest, but I expected it to be huge, so it’s not a surprise. Everything is going pretty much according to our plan.”

All eyes are on everyone involved with AEW as the date of Double or Nothing fast approaches. One of the talking points surrounding the new brand is how much power Tony Kahn will have over creative decisions in the company. For example, would Kahn use AEW to promote his family’s other ventures? Cody doesn’t think so. “The best part is it will never come up because these are separate entities that Shad and Tony have gotten involved with. In the hypothetical world it would come up, Tony respects my creative judgment. I respect his business acumen. I’m positive we could work something out.”

Still, Tony himself expect to be hands-on in the day to day operations. “We work together really closely, but I’m day to day managing the business. This is a very collaborative process. I talk to Cody and Kenny Omega and Matt and Nick every day, and we group chat and share ideas. When one of us has an idea, another can take it and run with it.”

Tony also took the time to dispell rumors that AEW would be paying for time on television or going head to head with other major sports leagues. “I’m not gonna go on Monday night or Friday night, and I would never go head-to-head with the NFL or pay for time on television.”

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