Goldberg Getting Ripped For His ‘Showdown’, Chad Gable Gets His Ears Lowered, Tyson Kidd’s ‘Holy’ Pick Of The Week

Goldberg Is Getting Ripped For His ‘Showdown’

Goldberg posted the following photo on his Instagram account, showing his progress in the weight room leading up to his date with the Deadman at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia:

goldberg95 3 weeks out…… Best way to describe the final push is like shoving an elephant into a thimble! #whosnext#spear#jackhammer#aintdoneyet#[email protected]#runningoutoftime#notmessingaround#muaythai#[email protected]#mayorofmuscleville

Gable Gets His Ears Lowered posted a new gallery of images from their recent live event in Paris, France. One set of images getting some attention features Chad Gable, who followed the lead of former partner Bobby Robert Roode in getting a new look. Gable can be seen sporting shorter locks than the WWE Universe might be used to:

Tyson Kidd’s ‘Holy’ Pick Of The Week

The following video features Tyson Kidd choosing the ‘Holy Grail’ match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee as his WWE Network Pick Of The Week. The match, thought to be lost forever, was recently discovered on tape and was featured in a documentary on WWE Network this week. The match, Magee and Hart, will also be part of a retrospective panel at Starrcast II in Las Vegas next week.