Grumpy Cat’s Ties To Pro Wrestling, Witness The Briscoes Confront Rock ‘N Roll Express At NWA Crockett Cup

Grumpy Cat’s Ties To Pro Wrestling

News has broken today that the feline internet celebrity, Tardar Sauce aka: Grumpy Cat has passed away at the young age of seven after suffering complications from a urinary tract infection. Grumpy Cat certainly had her ties to pro wrestling as she once “hosted” a 2014 episode of Monday Night RAW when the “guest host era” was in full effect. Here is her with The Miz and Damien Mizdow in a compilations of the segments from that episode:

The Miz has some big Hollywood ideas for himself and the Internet’s favorite frowning feline, Grumpy Cat.

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The Briscoes Confront Rock ‘N Roll Express At NWA Crockett Cup

The Briscoe Brothers shown themselves to be loose cannons once again back at the NWA Crockett Cup late last month as they found themselves getting disqualified from the tournament after attacking the soon to be winners in Villain Enterprises. Before that however, Jay and Mark faced off against Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson of the legendary Rock ‘N Roll Express. NWA shared the surreal showdown on their YouTube channel:

In the first round of the Crockett Cup, The Rock N Roll Express were scheduled to face the Briscoes. Jim Cornette conducted an interview with Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson (The 5-Time NWA World Tag Team Champions) and raised the question if they were in over their head facing Mark and Jay Briscoe at Crockett Cup.

This is the unedited confrontation that took place prior to the Briscoes vs. Rock N Roll Express – 1st Round Match.