Triple H Reportedly Very Frustrated, More Issues With Vince McMahon Accepting Feedback, Recent Creative Decisions

Triple H is said to be very frustrated with how things are going on the WWE main roster, according to a new report in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It was noted by a source that a big problem is Vince McMahon being too open to suggestions, which in turn ends up watering down all of the original plans. As far as the whole family, the Observer said Triple H picks spots to talk with Vince about creative, but never does it in front of anyone. Shane McMahon also pitches ideas but they are rarely used, while Stephanie McMahon has nothing to do with creative.

The Observer also speculated on Vince’s status and how he’ll deal with things once the XFL season starts. It was noted that Vince said things won’t change on the wrestling end, but that seems impossible, citing Vince’s crazy work ethic and the level of importance in the football league.

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This issue with backstage frustration was also echoed by a new episode of Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Post-Show, (via where a close friend of three current WWE writers called in and discussed them venting their frustrations to him. According to the caller, Triple is the most frustrated person backstage every night, and Vince McMahon should be blamed for issues with the writing, not the creative team. The caller said the writing team has some brilliant ideas, but they were writing for “an audience of one” and while Vince does look for feedback, 99 times out of 100 they will never be used.

Keller’s guest also said the whole creative team has pitched RAW and SmackDown looking different with new production elements and techniques, but Vince has turned it down. Other points of contention included seeing the new Wild Card Rule being a late addition, and the constant changing of the rules for the Superstar Shake-Up, which didn’t turn out like it had been planned months prior. In addition, the caller also called it a toxic environment and said there’s no chance of Vince stepping down, and some of the writers are paranoid about their job status, with one close to quitting because he’s so “unbelievably unhappy.”

The caller was not completely negative, as Dana Brooke was praised for her work ethic, calling her the hardest working person over the course of the last three years. It was also said that Bruce Prichard is a pleasure to work with, and that Bray Wyatt is considered to be one of the best guys in the locker room and a genius, noting how he helps other wrestlers improve their work. A full recap of the other allegations, including more backstage frustrations, Vince’s recent feedback on Andrade and Sami Zayn and more, can be viewed here.

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