Cody Rhodes On AEW: ‘We’ve Built The Best Team’

With AEW now officially having a television deal with TNT, Cody Rhodes was able to discuss the company a bit more in-depth at the latest WarnerMedia summit that took place today. When asked by Wrestling News what his thoughts were now that things are starting to get rolling, Rhodes acknowledged that it was a dream come true, and that things just feel like destiny.

“This is serendipity how this is coming together. My family moved to Atlanta 20 years ago because WCW was going to Turner, and here we are talking about All Elite Wrestling going to Turner in 2019. It’s just wild how it works,” he said. “The number one thing I’ve discovered is we’ve built the best team, that’s what led to all this.”

Rhodes went on to discuss how influential and massive the investors behind the brand was, and how he and his father have worked to get to this moment. The entire interview is worth listening to, and with things moving fast for the company, it’s going to be interesting to see how their initial shows go.

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