205 Live Results (05/14/19): Tony Nese Takes On Ligero

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live did a great job of setting up some possible long-term scenarios, especially ahead of this weekends Money in the Bank event. The first match of the night saw Humberto Carrillo take on Jack Gallagher, James Drake, and Mark Andrews. In front of the lively crowd in London, Humberto Carrillo was able to take down the other three competitors thanks to his high flying skills and some help from Gallagher.

Although all four superstars put on a hell of a show, it looked for some time that Gallagher was going to come away with a win. Fighting in front of his home country fans, Gallagher put on a show despite the loss, taking to the sky with an umbrella to take down all three superstars outside of the ring. It was moves like these, however, that made it possible for Carrillo to come away with the win. After getting Gallagher back in the ring, Carrillo was able to take down Gallagher and pin him for the victory. Despite not winning in front of the English fans, Gallagher still showed sportsmanship by shaking hands with Carrillo following the match.

Following that match, Tony Nese came out and took on another United Kingdom favorite in the form of NXT UK’s Ligero. Although Ligero tried his hardest to compete with the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, he simply couldn’t do enough to take him down. Being the champion, Nese showed his poise and skill in the ring, constantly throwing Ligero around before delivering a vicious running knee to Ligero for the win.

Following the match, Nese showed a great deal of sportsmanship by helping Ligero up and asking the fans to cheer him on. Unfortunately for both, Ariya Daivari would have the last laugh, as he stormed the ring from the crowd and took down both Nese and Ligero.

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