More Details On Killer Kross / IMPACT Situation; Other Talent Reportedly Losing Money Due To Structure Of Current Deals (Exclusive)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Wrestlezone has learned more details about Killer Kross’ reported request for a release from his contract, as well as some details regarding the pay scale of some of the multi-year contracts offered by the company.

According to a source speaking with Wrestlezone, everything said in the initial report by regarding Killer Kross and his contract status, including his attempts to renegotiate and remaining professional, is ‘100% true.’ It was noted by the source that Kross was seeking a salary comparable to some of the higher-level talent currently on the IMPACT roster, some of which are bringing in the six-figure salary he was reportedly requesting for himself.

Kross does appear on IMPACT as often as some of the talent he’s looking to be paid equal to, but IMPACT’s counter was much lower than expected, which was less than half of what he was seeking. An exact number was not mentioned, but it was said to be ‘less than a NXT entry level deal’, which is normally $45,000 per year.

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Wrestlezone was also told that a number of the multi-year deals—including the one Kross is locked into—currently being offered are low paying, and often see talent losing money due to travel costs associated with their appearances for the company. These deals see talent making anywhere from $250-400 per appearance, with no guaranteed minimum amount of appearances included in the deal. In addition, it was stated that while there are a number of people in the company that have guaranteed downsides and are making good money, only a couple of them are making a livable wage based on their current pay rates.

Under these deals, talent are flown to the IMPACT TV tapings / live events on basic economy level flights, and are also paying out of pocket for their own luggage, rental cars / Uber transportation and hotels. The situation was described as wrestlers ‘literally losing money’ after compensation and expenses, with several talents saying they were making as little as $3000-5000 for the year (with IMPACT, not including their independent bookings) before taxes and expenses despite being on a majority of the shows.

Talent are still able to make more money through independent bookings, but it was described as a situation where IMPACT officials are not going to be granting any releases at this time and expect talent to honor the deals.

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