Collector’s Corner: Uncanny Brands – WWE Toaster (Photos/Video)

If you’re a diehard WWE fan, as you most likely are visiting WrestleZone, then this unique collectible from Uncanny Brands may be the hot item for you! No pun intended of course! That item is the Uncanny Brands WWE Toaster! That’s right, a toaster that can toast the WWE logo on your bread! Now you can wake up feeling like a WWE champion everyday after a perfectly toasted breakfast! That being said, let’s take a look at this Toaster up close and personal!

The Packaging

The toaster comes in a pretty standard sized toaster box. You can see it pictured on the front with the WWE Smackdown Championship labeled on the front of the toaster as well as shows you what your toast can look like! The color scheme mimics the WWE 2018 style packaging, making it cohesive with any other collectibles you may have. Then on the back of course it talks about all the different functions, such as it toasting two slices of bread, which you can see in the gallery below.

The Toaster

Once you remove it from the box you can see it’s wrapped in styrofoam and plastic to prevent any damage in transit. It’s a very slick designed, black toaster with the WWE Smackdown Live Championship pictured on the front as mentioned before. It has a “cancel” button, a heating knob, the release tab as well as a removable tray to empty out any crumbs that may accumulate. Inside the toaster you can see the WWE logo on both sides of each bread holder as we’ll call it.

The Toasting Ability

Feel free to check out the video review of it below to fully see it in action, but this toaster honestly works really well. Being a novelty item I wasn’t sure how well it would toast but it toasted the bread super fast. I tried the highest setting first and wound up setting off my very sensitive smoke alarm in the process! But I did try it at a medium setting afterward and it toasted just fine. Pretty impressed with it honestly.


I like it. How toasted your bread really is afterward is a little hard to say as some areas don’t quite look as toasted to me, but everyone has a different preference with toast as it is. It also comes with a user’s manual and a one-year warranty, which is great. It’s still a very unique, cool WWE collectible and pretty fun for any diehard WWE fan like myself. They even have a Waffle Maker that makes a waffle in the shape of the WWE Championship belt plate, which is awesome! Both are available on the Uncanny Brands website and I’m not sure where else they might be sold at this time.

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