Superstar Billy Graham Goes After Big E About Injury, Big E Responds

Big E suffered a torn meniscus back in April and has been on the shelf since. On an episode of Busted Open Radio, Big E joked that the injury might not allow him to be back until 2021 or 2022 (when a meniscus tear typically takes around three months to heal). Superstar Billy Graham took this moment to question Big E’s passion for wrestling and wrote a statement about his comments on Twitter.

New Day is Breaking Up

It appears that way to me, according to the Big E’s latest statement. He has told the wrestling world that he has had a meniscus surgery and he will be out until 2021 or 2022. I went to the Mayo Clinic website and read that the most serious of meniscus surgeries require only 3 to 6 months to have a full and complete recovery. So he is a lair about the time needed to recover from this type of injury and apparently just doesn’t want to wrestle anymore. I wont miss his ass that’s for sure.

Big E needed no words to deliver a response, but just a visual representation of his current state of feelings when it came to Graham’s opinion on his situation. New Day friend Xavier Woods chimed in as well:

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