WWE RAW Results (5/13/19)

Backstage, Braun Strowman says no one can stop him from becoming Monster in the Bank again. A stagehand tells Strowman that Shane wants to see him.

Strowman walks into Shane’s office and Sami Zayn is there complaining. Zayn convinces Shane to make a falls count anywhere match. If Zayn wins, Zayn gets Strowman’s spot in Money in the Bank.

Mojo Rawley vs. Apollo Crews

Crews does a front flip and hurts his knee. Rawley chop blocks Crews then hits his finish for the win.

Winner- Mojo Rawley

Backstage, Alexa is complaining about her bags getting lost. Nikki Cross walks in and she is… acting… normal? Cross tells Bliss that she didn’t think anyone noticed she was there. Bliss tells Cross she is going to ask the McMahons to have her take Bliss’ place in her fatal four-way match. Cross looks confused. As Bliss walks aways Cross smiles like a Chesire cat.

Women’s Championship Contract Signing

All three women join Michael Cole in the ring. Lynch says Flair and Evans are bigger, stronger, and more athletic that she is. She doesn’t care. When the bright lights hit, Evans will feel the crippling pressure of the moment as Lynch beats her down. Lynch tells Evans to ask her twin sister (Flair) how hard it is to beat Lynch. Flair says Lynch doesn’t understand anything. Lynch’s big mouth got her in trouble again. Evans agrees. Lynch signs the contract. Flair and Evans talk some smack and sign as well. A brawl breaks out. Flair and Evans put Lynch through a table.

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