RJ City Thanks Jim Duggan For Being A Friend ‘Golden Girls’ Style, Kofi Kingston Gets Iron Man Kicks

RJ City Thanks Jim Duggan For Being A Friend ‘Golden Girls’ Style

Jim Duggan is one of those legends that is universally loved in the wrestling business and words didn’t do that love justice in RJ City‘s eyes. City took to the mic to not speak from the heart, but sing from it as he and Hacksaw were in the ring together on Mother’s Day in Mississauga, Ontario but this song wasn’t just pulled out of thin air (quite the contrary). City sung the Golden Girls theme to Duggan before the two readied themselves for in-ring action that you can almost visualize Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia nodding in agreement at the greatness of the WWE Hall of Famer.


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Kofi Kingston Gets A Pair Of Iron Man Kicks

Last week Kofi Kingston received some special edition Sub Zero themed sneakers last week on UpUpDownDown, but this week on “I Just Love Kicks” the WWE Champion gets a pair of kicks that only Jarvis may have kept hidden.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME SPOILERS AHEAD IN THIS VIDEO! Kofi Kingston (a.k.a. MR. 24/7) checks out the recent Marvel/Adidas collaboration, which results in some amazing new kicks in the coloring and stylings of Marvel’s Iron Man! Does he love these kicks 3000? [Spoilers: Yes.]