Ronda Rousey: ‘The Stress From Fighting In WWE Is Much More Than UFC’

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Ronda Rousey recently sat down with UFC’s Megan Olivi about the major differences between WWE and UFC. Ronda admitted that not having to participate in the complete WWE tour made it much easier for her to be a WWE Superstar.  The complete highlights from the interview can be seen below:

On the biggest challenges making the transition to WWE:

Its physical in a different way. The stress is much more. I can get in a random fight and I will beat them up but the training, the press, thinking about is the real wear and tear. I can give myself a month after a fight to recover and with WWE its a non stop grind. Everyone else does it all year round and their minds get no rest. The only thing that compares to the mental strain of UFC is the Olympics.

On WrestleMania:

When I first came I was planning on doing it a couple months but my one request when we first started is that I wanted to finish my storyline with Stephanie. I love Stephanie and all of the girls so much but I had to keep it a secret that I hated them. Triple H showed me how to lace up my boots. It was so fun for me. It felt big to headline WrestleMania. Me and Liz Carmouche felt bigger though. Everything felt like it had to happen that way or women’s MMA would have ended before it started.

On being nervous with WWE:

I enjoy wrestling so much more, being maxed out on so much pressure. At WrestleMania it was the highest moment for Becky and Charlotte and I was just like, I love WrestleMania. I was excited to see Joan Jett performing as I am walking down that ramp. She was nodding at me, starring at me, playing Bad Reputation.

You can listen to the entire interview below. Please credit all transcription to John Clark at Wrestlezone.

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