Ryback Shares WWE Legal Documents, Becky Lynch Reminisces On Old Footage

Ryback Shares WWE Legal Documents

Ryback and the WWE have had a long history, and ever since the superstar has exited the company, he’s had his fair share of things to say about the wrestling giant. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to share legal documents that he had received from the company in the past, asking him to concede control of his social media accounts to them. It isn’t the first time that wrestlers have accused the company of wanting access to social media accounts, but it does seem to shed some light on the issue.

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Becky Lynch Reminisces On Old Footage

Earlier today, the SHIMMER Wrestling Twitter account shared some old footage of a much younger Becky Lynch, prior to her becoming the gal WWE Women’s Champion. Thanks in part to the nostalgia and memories, Lynch replied to the post, joking that her past self was “The Boy,” as she has since become “The Man” of the WWE.