Impact Wrestling Results (5/10/19)

Tessa Blanchard is out for commentary for the next match.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne

Valkyrie rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Rayne chases Valkyrie around the ring. Valkyrie runs into the ring. Valkyrie stomps Rayne as she gets in the ring. After the break, Valkyrie pounds on Rayne’s back. Valkyrie misses a corner splash. Rayne takes Valkyrie over with a head scissors. Valkyrie stops Rayne’s flurry with a waist lock slam. Valkyrie bow and arrows Rayne using the ring post. Valkyrie sets up her finish but Rayne escapes Rayne fires up and lands a few chops. Valkyrie drops Rayne with a stiff shot to the jaw. Rayne lands a cutter on Valkyrie. Valkyrie kicks out. Valkyrie sidewalk slams Rayne. Rayne rolls Valkyrie up in a schoolboy. Valkyrie kicks out but Rayne transitions into a single leg crab. Valkyrie taps out immediately.

Winner- Madison Rayne

Backstage, Rosemary challenges Su Yung to a demon’s collar match.

Jordynne Grace vs. Alexia Nicole

Grace tosses Nicole around the ring before hitting a delayed modified jackhammer. Nicole manages to put Grace in a sleeper. Grace tosses Nicole off. Giant swing by Grace. Grace blasts Nicole with the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner- Jordynne Grace

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