Kyle O’Reilly: ‘Crowds In The UK Influence Crowds In The US’

kyle o'reilly Kyle O'Reilly

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NXT’s Kyle O’Reilly interviewed with Talksport about his transition to being a WWE superstar and what his goals are with the company. He also talked about wrestling in the UK and the fans that attend events. Check out some of the highlights of the interview below:

On comparing the different crowds he sees in the world:

The crowds in the UK influence the crowds in the US. Certain chants and the way the crowd interacts in the US never used to happen until the scene started breaking out in the UK like it has. I love coming to the UK because the crowd are so lively, so into everything, singing and chanting.

On wanting to be on the main roster:

That’s pretty much what my life long journey has been about, to one day perform at Wrestlemania. Who knows when, or if, that will happen, but it’s what drives me every day – and it doesn’t mean when it does happen I’ll be done.

On his transition to becoming a WWE superstar:

When I was a kid and I wanted to be a wrestler it was all WWE – I didn’t know about this whole subculture of independents, the scene in Japan and the scene in Britain – once I figured that out and started to get my feet wet then that’s what I wanted to do, I just loved performing at the independent level. But once you get that opportunity at WWE, at NXT – because for the longest time guys like me, we weren’t getting signed by WWE – but then things started changing. The Daniel Bryans, the Sami Zayn’s, the Kevin Owens – they started getting signed and they were former Ring of Honor guys – And I was a former Ring of Honor guy!

On who he would like to have a program with:

Certainly another match under the NXT banner with Kushida would be ideal. A singles match with Matt Riddle would be awesome. There’s so many guys I think I’d mesh well with, but I’m such a fan of that pseudo-MMA style that those are guys I feel I could tear it down with.

The entire interview can be read here. Let us know in the comments below who you would like to see O’Reilly feud with.

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