Dan Matha Goes Skydiving, Aliyah Shows Off Her Strength At The WWEPC Combine

Dan Matha Goes Skydiving

It isn’t always easy being a big guy, but that won’t stop the likes of 6’8’, 313 lbs. NXT superstar Dan Matha from doing what he wants. Recently on the WWE Performance Center’s YouTube channel, Matha took fans along as he searched for a skydiving school that could handle someone of his size. By the end of the episode, you’ll be laughing with Matha who finally got a chance to soar through the sky.


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Aliyah Shows Off Her Strength At The WWEPC Combine

During the recent WWE Performance Center Combine, Aliyah put on a show of strength as she demonstrated her deadlifting abilities in a recent tweet. We know that you need to be strong to make it in the WWE, but Aliyah shows us just what it takes to make it in the company.