Collector’s Corner: WWE “Now Entering The Ring!” Slam Crate Unboxing (Photos)

Welcome to the Collector’s Corner where this week we take a look at none other than the latest WWE “Now Entering The Ring!” Slam Crate from Loot Crate! Although this crate can no longer be purchased, you can subscribe to the bi-monthly service here to receive future crates and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

What’s Inside:

  • Ronda Rousey T-shirt
  • Mr. Socko socks
  • Chris Jericho WWE Slam Stars action figure
  • Shield Hounds of Justice key-chain
  • WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Title Belt enamel pin

Ronda Rousey T-shirt

This is an all-red t-shirt with white decals on the front. It’s a fun play on words with “Ronda Rousey’s Arm Bar” then it says “Come see what’s on Tap, Tap, Tap” as it looks like a restaurant logo. I feel this is one of their better t-shirt designs as of late as it’s fun and clever.

Mr. Socko Socks

When I originally pulled these from the crate I had hoped they were Mr. Socko and sure enough it was. The sides of the socks say “Have a Nice Day” while the toe area has the Mr. Socko face on it, which is awesome for any Attitude Era fans like myself as it’s a throwback to my childhood. It’s such a novelty item to me that I probably wouldn’t wear them but keep them simply as a Mr. Socko display piece.

WWE Slam Stars Chris Jericho Action Figure

This is easily my favorite part of the crate and honestly the whole subscription service. The style of these mini figures is really awesome if you’re into the cartoon-style look. In this crate they have an Attitude Era Chris Jericho from when he debuted on RAW and The Rock made fun of him. He features a microphone accessory that’s removable from his hand as well as a glittery, silver shirt similar to the shirt he wore back then. As far as his articulation goes he has a ball-jointed head joint and arm joints as well as a swivel waist joint. Other than that you can’t pose him much. It’s one of my favorite Slam Stars figures they’ve released as of late, too. He also comes with 1/4th of a WWE ring where if you collect all 4 of the latest figures they each come with a piece to build a mini WWE ring.

The Shield Hounds of Justice Key-chain

This key-chain seems to be of nice quality. It looks like it’s made of metal, making it a very durable item you could use on your keys. It’s The Shield Hound of Justice logo attached to several key hooks as well as what looks to be a spring-like piece and hook to latch onto your keys. It’s not the most exciting key-chain but a cool collectible for collectors who are fans of The Shield.

WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Title Belt Enamel Pin

If you’ve been collecting the crates you’ve received just about any WWE title belt you can imagine as an enamel pin. The main plate of each belt is turned into a pin and it’s really impressive honestly. The detail is just fantastic and it’s great for anyone who enjoys collecting enamel pins. I’m pretty sure these are highly sought after as they’re so well done. Anyway, in this crate you get the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Title and it’s awesome.


Overall this crate is pretty cool. I love the Slam Stars figure of course and the pin and shirt are pretty nice, too. The socks and key-chain aren’t anything amazing but still fun for those of you whom are fans of these superstars. As mentioned you can’t get this crate anymore, rather you’d have to get it on eBay most likely, but you can still subscribe to future crates. Shockingly there was no booklet revealing the next Slam Stars figure but we inquired with our contact there and found out it would be another Seth Rollins. Hopefully images show up soon, but if you want to get him be sure to subscribe before the cut off point!

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