Billy Graham Reveals Favorite Match And Details Infamous Bullrope Bout Against Dusty Rhodes

Legendary superstar Billy Graham recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his career, and during the interview was asked about his favorite matches. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Graham revealed that most os his best matches came from working with Dusty Rhodes, including two infamous matches in Madison Square Garden.

When speaking about what his favorite matches were, Graham went into detail about how much he loved working with Rhodes. “There’s no question, also my favorite would be Dusty Rhodes, and my favorite match would have been, two matches, the Texas Deathmatch in Madison Square Garden, where I went underneath the ring and pulled out a rope, and threw it in,” he said. “Because there was no disqualifications…I wrapped it around Dusty and choked him, and he threw me out of the ring and choked me, and I put my arms out purposely to make it look like a crucifixion scene.”

Detailing the scene a bit more, Graham spoke about how he nearly passed out in the moment, but that it made everything even more chaotic. “My feet were off the floor, with that rope around my neck, and he’s pulling me leaning over the top rope. I almost passed out, I had to grab the rope and pull myself up to the apron. But those two matches, the Texas Deathmatch, and the bullrope match…the pandemonium could not be matched.”

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