Vince Russo: Alexa Bliss Is Too Good For WWE, Should Leave The Company

Vince Russo is a big fan of Alexa Bliss and believes she should leave World Wrestling Entertainment. The former WWE writer praised her abilities to save segments that are poorly thought out and suggested that she’d be better off leaving the company.

“Alexa, you’re too good for that company,” Russo said after RAW. “S– like this is going to make you look stupid. You are a star. You have the makings of a star. Someone your age, the confident and poise, the way you carry yourself amidst the chaos and all the clueless people backstage, how you can still be good with having them trying to influence you [is incredible].

“You’re too good for that show. You’re too good for that product. You need to get yourself an agent. You need to go outside of that because they’re going to drag you down. She’s very good at what she does.”

Watch the full clip below: