Chris Jericho Confronts Cody, Brandi Relaxes Poolside, AEW Invades Georgia On ‘Road To Double Or Nothing’

Episode 15 of All Elite Wrestling’s ‘The Road To Double or Nothing’ is up now on the Nightmare Family YouTube channel.

In a confrontation at the beginning of the latest “The Road to Double or Nothing”, Chris Jericho clashed with Cody in his office. He states that he’s said “time and time again” that AEW and the founders behind it only became legit once Jericho signed on the dotted line. Jericho also makes it clear to Cody that he won’t be treated the same way in AEW that he was in WCW.

“I see the American Dream Dusty Rhodes right there. 1998, Rapids City, South Dakota. He told me he was going to stick a rocket on my back and shoot me to the moon. Never happened, he lied to me, and you’re lying to me too. But don’t forget this, if it wasn’t for me, there would be no AEW.”

After Cody kicks him out, Jericho attacks an assistant before leaving.

In an all too brief segment, Brandi Rhodes and the women of AEW show some scenes from a poolside photoshoot. PAC hacks into the feed with a message for Hangman Paige, asking if he’s really the person to break his long-running 20-month undefeated streak. “Hangman Paige is a dud. The bastard wins.”

Next, we get to see footage from AEW’s invasion of Georgia indie promotion Southern Honor Wrestling. Cody announces their Retaliation event as his last stop on the indie circuit and states that Dustin Thomas will be in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing. Dustin Thomas gives an interview talking about his meteoric rise in the wrestling industry.

Cody then announces that the prize for the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing is a number one contendership for the AEW World Championship. He goes on to explain the rules of the match, which involves drawing a card from a deck to determine when you enter the battle royale. Groups of five competitors enter the match as suits are selected from the deck, with the last entrant being the wrestler who drew the Joker card.

Finally, we go back to Southern Honor Wrestling for a recap of Jericho and Kenny Omega making their presence felt in the main event. There are reactions from SHW fans, proclaiming it the “best show ever.”

You can see the full episode embedded below. Double or Nothing takes place on May 25.

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