205 Live Results (05/07/19): Akirza Tozawa Takes On Mike Kanellis

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live began earlier today, with news that Tony Nese would be taking on Ariya Daivari for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Money in the Bank. Prior to that, however, Daivari had a chance to showcase his skills in a match against Noam Dar, who made a surprising return to the 205 Live ring tonight.

In a match that gave fans a little bit of month, Dar actually gave Daivari a run for his money, taking him to the brink of defeat throughout the match. With Tony Nese watching from the commentary table, Daivari was able to gain the upper hand on Dar, and take him down with a vicious Hammerlock Lariat for the victory. After the match, Nese jumped into the ring, giving a scare to Daivari before laughing at him and walking away.

After the Daivari and Dar match, The Singh Brothers made their way out to the ring to take on David Kauffman and Kevin Lee in a tag team match. In what turned out to be a very short match, The Singh Brothers quickly took down both Kauffman and Lee, with the duo immediately beating down the opposing duo from the start. After the match, the Singh Brothers called out the Lucha House Party, challenging them to a rematch in the future.

During the main event of tonight’s 205 Live, Akira Tozawa and Mike Kanellis took each other on in a No Disqualification Match, with Maria Kanellis unable to come out thanks to an earlier decree from backstage. From the very start, both competitors were outside of the ring, dropping vicious blows on top of each other before things even started. Once inside the ring, Tozawa and Kanellis continued to get items involved, with Tozawa putting Kanellis through two chairs and Kanellis putting Tozawa through a trash can.

As the match continued, the tables eventually made their way out, and although Tozawa looked to be headed through the table, he was able to counter Kanellis and flip him through the tables with an incredible hurricanrana off the top rope. From there, Tozawa grabbed a series of chairs and took to the top rope, where he dropped down onto Kanellis and pinned him for the victory.

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