WWE RAW Results (5/06/19)

Styles asks Mr. McMahon what he is doing. Styles waited this long to get to Raw and now Mr. McMahon is going to have Smackdown superstars on Raw? Styles questions why Reigns was allowed to come to Raw while Styles is getting ready to challenge for the Universal Championship. Seth Rollins power walks to the ring and gets in Styles face. Rollins tells Styles that he will never get one up on him again. Mr. McMahon books Styles and Rollins in a tag team match.

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

Corbin runs over Rollins with a shoulder tackle. Rollins responds with a dropkick. Lashley tags himself in as Styles does the same. Styles drops Lashley with a dropkick. Rollins gives Styles a golf clap out on the apron. Rollins tags himself in. Styles and Rollins double team both Corbin and Lashley. Rollins hits a dive on Lashley. Styles responds with a dive onto Corbin.  Styles and Rollins both roll back into the ring and get in each other’s faces.  After the break, Lashley sends Rollins chest-first into the ring post. Lashley and Corbin take turns working over Rollins.

Rollins manages to tag in Styles. Styles floors Lashley with a lariat. Styles sets up the Styles Clash but Lashley escapes. After a distraction from Corbin, Lashley spears Styles through the ropes. After the break, Corbin and Lashley are taking turns beating down Styles. Styles stumbles into the corner and Rollins tags himself in. Rollins hits a dive on Lashley followed by a sling blade on Corbin. Rollins goes up top. Rollins clotheslines Corbin. Lashley breaks up the pin. Styles sends Lashley out of the ring. Rollins calls for the Stomp. Styles accidentally hits Rollins with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles leaves the ring. Corbin drops Rollins with the End of Days for the win.

Winners- Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

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