Billy Graham Explains Why Kofi Kingston Should Use But Not Abuse Steroids, Responds To Booker T

Billy Graham made waves when he suggested Kofi Kingston should do steroids to become a better looking champion. He explained these remarks in a new interview with The Hannibal TV. “Maybe I’m prejudice because I’m a bodybuilder all my life and I came in a big man era,” explained Graham. “You don’t get bigger than Ultimate Warrior, Sid Vicious, and Kevin Nash. … I simply mentioned that [he] should use steroids for a few cycles and go off of it to add some muscle mass.”

He went on to talk about Booker T’s criticism. “He said, ‘Superstar, we’ve lost too many boys to drugs.’ Yes, we have. We lost Curt Hennig to drugs and I love that kid. … That was one of the folk that had an accidental overdose. First of all, you’re lumping my suggestion with recreational drugs. Then he went [through a bunch of medical issues I have had] and scolding me about suggesting Kofi to use steroids to enhance his look. I thought it was important to have a bigger look. Kofi Kingston looks like he weighs 160 pounds. I just threw it out there and he threw the book at me and went through a whole list of illnesses that I’ve had. You don’t know what I’ve had really and why I had these illnesses since you’ve not seen the records from the Mayo Clinic hospital. They won’t release the records to you, Booker T. But I love Booker T. He’s a legit dude. A real champion and he was big. At one point he was huge. I’m not saying he took steroids, he probably did and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I did not tell Kingston to abuse steroids like I did and cause tremendous hip damage.

“I don’t want an apology [from] Booker, but don’t talk about my health issues when you don’t have access to my health records. I don’t know what you’ve been through and I wouldn’t talk about it anyway. You made a mistake, Booker. You talked like you hated me. Booker T, I’m talking to you, brother, you talked on that podcast like you hated my guts … You buried me, brother, but I do not hold a grudge.”

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