Vince McMahon Introduces Wild Card Rule, Makes Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston WWE Title Rematch

WWE kicked off with Vince McMahon promising a “RAW that we would never forget.” He was interrupted by none other than the Roman Reigns, who had previously teased that he’d be there. McMahon told Reigns that he had the Cincinnati police waiting for him if he struck him again. Reigns said that he doesn’t take McMahon’s orders, but instead listen to the WWE universe.

Daniel Bryan then came out and McMahon called this night a “bad dream.” Bryan explained that he was robbed by Kofi Kingston and that he spent the last month in solitude and meditation. “When I heard that Roman was showing up on RAW, I thought you and I could have an intellectual conversation between the two of us,” said Bryan before being interrupted by Kofi Kingston. Bryan said that he was undeserving of being a champion and that he was a “pancake throwing novelty act.”

McMahon then made a wildcard rule where he allowed three members of SmackDown to come to RAW on a given occasion and vice-versa. After some verbal chatter, Drew McIntyre stormed out of the backstage area. “If nobody in the back has the set to do something about this then I guess it’s up to Drew McIntyre. This is not SmackDown Presents RAW. You’re lucky I care more about that egomaniac, Roman, than either of you. You think you’re gonna do whatever you want, like McMahon said, ‘The rules don’t apply to you.’ You got yourself drafted to SmackDown so you could duck Drew McIntyre and thought it was okay to punch your boss in the face. I’m gonna Claymore your arse back down to Earth right now.” Reigns challenged him to a match, and McMahon decided to do two WrestleMania rematches: Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre and a WWE title rematch between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston.

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