Nick Aldis on Willie Mack’s IMPACT Signing: ‘They Took Advantage of You’

In a now-deleted tweet that referenced Willie Mack’s signing with IMPACT Wrestling, current NWA World Champion Nick Aldis implied that “carny wrestling BS” led to Mack’s new contract. The contents of the full tweet were saved by several Twitter users via screenshot and are transcribed below.

If you ever wanted to see the evidence of scheming carny wrestling BS, look no further. Sorry Willie. They took advantage of you.

Aldis is referring to Willie Mack’s existing Lucha Underground contract, which caused him trouble in his recent appearances with NWA. Willie dropped the NWA National Championship at the recent Crockett Cup event, loosening his ties to the promotion. Considering Lucha Underground’s past ties with IMPACT, Aldis seems to imply that the two worked together to set Willie down a different path.

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