Willie Mack Inks Multi-Year Contract With IMPACT Wrestling

Willie Mack has signed a new multi-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling. Mack announced the new contract in an interview with Wrestling Inc. Mack explained why he decided to sign with IMPACT, saying the promotion has the best talent in the world:

Well, the contract was good and everything seemed alright.,” said Mack. “Impact Wrestling – I’ve been watching it since way back in the day when they used to have the weekly PPVs for like 12 bucks. The reason I wanted to go there was because of the X-Division and the six-sided ring but they don’t have that no more. They have the best talent in the world, so why wouldn’t I want to be here?

Mack also revealed that he’s still allowed to take independent dates while being under contract with IMPACT. This is important to him as he enjoys traveling the world and working with various different promotions. Finally, Mack explained why he decided to sign with IMPACT over promotions such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) or WWE:

Any place was good but I always wanted to do Impact because of the talent,” said Mack. “It seems like they’re getting a lot of buzz and I wanna be part of that buzz to keep them going. So that was the choice for me right there.

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