Manscaped Wants To Sponsor The Revival, Road Dogg Jokingly Calls Out CM Punk

Manscaped Wants To Sponsor The Revival

WWE’s Monday night broadcast has always brought us interesting and surprising content, even in the worst of times. However, many still don’t know what to make of The Usos mocking The Revival for shaving each other’s backs in the locker room. At least one company wants to strike back against the Usos’ bias, as Manscaped sought out The Revival on Twitter offering an endorsement deal.

There’s no word as of now on whether either of the tag team specialists will be tweeting #WeSaveBalls at some point in the future.

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Road Dogg Jokingly Calls Out CM Punk

On the occasion of The Rock’s birthday, WWE posted a clip of the movie star defeating CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Road Dogg took the opportunity on Twitter to call out CM Punk on a particularly stiff spine buster he took from The Great One.