Exclusive: James Storm On His Future, Tag Team Wrestling, His Physique, Hanging Out With Fans & More

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I recently spoke with former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm about a series of topics as he continues to make strides on the independent scene. Storm spoke about everything from his relationship with fans to his desire to sign for a big promotion in the not so distant future.

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On his new workout routine:

I switched to light beer! As I’ve gotten older things have started aching more and more, and I decided it was time to change the way I was living. I started eating right and working out. I know I don’t have too much longer left [in the ring], and I want to put 100% into it while I can.

On his favourite beer:

A cold one. I’ll drink any beer. Anyone who has ever hung out with me knows that I’ll drink any beer, it doesn’t matter.

On hanging out with fans:

I don’t mind sitting down, having a beer with a fan and telling some stories. I think that’s what makes me different to a lot of the other guys. I don’t mind talking to the fans. Some guys think it’s beneath them to do that, but really, they’re the ones that pay your bills.

On the biggest difference between singles & tag wrestling:

I would definitely say cardio. In tag wrestling, you’ve got a partner that you can rely on a lot of the time, but when you’re in there by yourself, your cardio has gotta be on its A-game. Also, the bumps. I think that’s helped me out a lot in my career because as a tag wrestler, my body hasn’t had to take the same bumps that a singles wrestler has for the last twenty years.

On his future:

For me, I’d like to get signed to a company. Not to really go out and win championships, but to go out and help the younger guys learn how to work on TV or wrestle on TV. There’s a lot that goes into it. A lot of guys on the independents may not know about that. There’s a lot of different stuff to worry about, as well as your match. That’s definitely something I look forward to doing.